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Welcome to the International Law Project site

The International Law Project is a Joint Government of Lao PDR - UNDP initiative implemented by the Department of Treaties and Law at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project receives generous financial contributions from The Government of Finland and The European Union.

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Project Phases

The Project commenced in 2001 and expected completion is 2012. There are three project phases. A cornerstone of Lao PDR's commitment to creating a functional legal framework in line with integration into the international legal system is the progressive realization of basic human rights and the alignment of domestic legal instruments.

  • Phase I (2001 - 2005) Lao's capacities were developed to effectively negotiate, sign, ratify and monitor international legal instruments.
  • Phase II (2005 - 2008) Focused on harmonization with the domestic legal framework, treaty implementation and international reporting obligation.
  • Phase III (2009 - 2012) Will further enhance the participation of Lao PDR in the international legal system by accelerating capacity development for the implementation of international treaty and human rights obligations.

  List of Multilateral Treaties to which the Lao PDR is a party

  1. UN and other multilateral Conventions
  2. Regional Agreements
  3. ASEAN Agreements
  4. Conclude convention update

 List of Bilateral Treaties to which the Lao PDR is a party
  1. Bilateral Treaties

  National Report of the Lao PDR under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

  1. National Report (Lao, English)
  2. Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review
  3. Statement by H.E Mr. Phongsavath Boupha, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Head of the Lao Delegation at the Eight Session of the Human Rights Council  Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review, 4 May 2010, Geneva, Switzerland.
  4. UN Human Rights Council Adopts Laos' UPR Outcome Report

 Publications: (Click to Download)

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